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1 Frame Comb Honey - Maui only.

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We take pre-orders on Frames of Comb honey fresh from our hives twice per year, depending on our harvest. Order now to reserve yours today.

Our frames of comb honey bring back the nostalgia of the premodern times. The combs are as close to the hives as you can get without a sting!

Local and Raw! The Finest Honey Maui has to offer. Our Apiary is located with some of the freshest air on the planet for our bees to enjoy. The forage zone is in beautiful upcountry Maui and has an abundance of Eucalyptus, Brazilian Pepper tree, Dandelion filled pasture, and the many flora blooms of the Makawao Forest region of Maui. Taste Paradise.

Remember your purchases help to save our pollinators!! Frames are only available on Maui !

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